Andrea is the Pastor of Healing Ministries at Tenth Church, and is a Therapist working in both private practice and community services. She has been a Worship Leader and Vocal Coach for over 10 years. Andrea has been involved with Worship Central Canada since its inception. She has helped pioneer programs to equip the church in Vancouver through music and leadership, and has run multiple vocal workshops in Western Canada. Andrea is passionate about empowering individuals to encounter God through worship and to learn to use their voices with both freedom and skill. Her diverse stylistic background allows her to excel in multiple music genres, moving with fluidity between them. She loves opportunities to teach others to learn to do the same. Andrea enjoys painting and visual arts, planting succulents, and all-season ocean swimming.

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Have you ever wished for more flexibility in your voice? Sometimes our worship leading can be limited by the extent of our vocal skill-set. Come and learn different techniques to free your range and sing with more strength. This workshop will explore how to create flexibility in tone quality, experiment with vocal plasticity, and how to actively work on increasing versatility in our range. Each of us has a unique voice, and the ability to develop it. Join Andrea to learn practical strategies to improve the way you sing, and to enrich how you experience your voice.