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DARRELL JOHNSON - CAREY THeological institute / Regent College 

Darrell Johnson has been preaching the Gospel since 1970 and is known as a lover of Jesus and His Good News.  He has served as Senior Pastor of a number of Presbyterian churches in California, and of Union Church of Manila during the so-called “People Power Revolution.”  In the fall of 2000 he accepted an appointment to the faculty of Regent College, where he taught preaching, worship, pastoral theology and Biblical spirituality.  Darrell has authored a number of books, including Experiencing the Trinity (now in French and Korean), Fifty-Seven Words That Change the World (on the Lord’s Prayer), Discipleship On the Edge (on the book of Revelation), It is Finished (on the meaning of the death of Jesus), The Glory of Preaching: Participating in God’s Transformation of the World, and Who is Jesus?  In September 2009 he accepted the call of the historic First Baptist Church in downtown Vancouver where he served as Senior Minister for 6½ years.  Granted an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Carey Theological College in early 2015, Darrell accepted the invitation to be the Director of the new Centre for Preaching at Carey Theological Institute in November where, in his encouraging ways, he is helping preachers find their “own voice” for announcing the amazingly good, good news of the Trinity.  Darrell and his wife Sharon have been married 44 years, and have raised four children adopted from four different countries of the world.  They have nine beautiful grandchildren.



Darrell's session will focus on the exposition of the text in Philippians 2:5-11, which he considers to be the theological centre of the bible. Darrell has requested the description of the session not to be revealed here, to be shared at the conference.