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James Fam joined the ministry team at Coastal Church after leaving a successful career as a professional engineer working at Translink. James completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and Masters degree at UBC, and has been active in worship and student ministries for almost two decades. James currently serves in an executive pastoral role by overseeing operations and development of all multisite campuses, special events and small group ministry. James also has passion for his wife, Michelle, and his two young girls.

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Leadership Succession: Is There Life After You Give Up the Mic?

Let’s face it, many of us live to serve God by leading on the stage and the better we are at it, the more difficult it can be to give up the mic. Having a healthy vision for leadership development will ensure successful transitions, and it is never too early to prepare for the passing of the leadership baton to the next generation. Learn to avoid some of the common leadership pitfalls and how to best position yourself for God’s promotion so that you can make the best impact for His Kingdom in every season.