Jonathan was born and raised in East Vancouver. He is part of a large family and is the oldest of 10 siblings. 5 years ago, God began to awaken the youth group he was volunteering in to the power of worship and unity. Jonathan started to plan a night called Chapel alongside several other leaders and youth pastors in South Vancouver area to begin to worship and dream together about what God could do. This faith was contagious and soon Chapel moved into the local high school drew a more and more groups from increasing distances. Soon enough, unity amongst leaders in local suburbs led to launches of their own chapters of Chapel. Jonathan now oversees each chapter ensuring the mission stays true and the network continues to knit more and more leaders into the fold. Jonathan is beyond excited to see the way God is using the Chapel Movement to unite the body of Christ in Vancouver to advance his Kingdom. He is currently also serving as the Student Ministries Director at Every Nation Vancouver and loves serving his local Church family.


The age old question of how to use “performance" in worship to "bless rather than impress" has been a hot topic for worship leaders since David was slaying harp solos. But the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been in the area of performance for leaders tasked with leading this next generation in worship. Teenagers today were born into a world where everything is competing for their attention in increasingly interactive ways. Worship leaders for youth may often feel like a YouTube ad with 5 seconds attention span before they click skip. Often the solution to create a newer and better high to keep the followers, but something that’s impressive enough to keep attention isn't necessarily sincere. Countless testimonies credit watermark moments of engaging with Jesus in an immersive worship experience as turning points in their faith. So what does it look like to create a space that sees Jesus lifted high rather than the space itself? In this session we’ll be exploring how scripture provides a powerful lens that we can look through to help us balance these tensions.