Mia fieldes


Originally from Sydney, Australia, Mia Fieldes is an award-winning renowned songwriter and worship leader currently serving at The Belonging Co. in Nashville, TN. Having written for and led in the album recordings released by Hillsong Church for many years, Mia moved her craft to Nashville where she has continued her passion to write songs that inspire people with hope and faith.




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Songs that change atmospheres have to come from a deeper place than mastering a craft. How do you hear the Holy Spirit when it comes to art? How do you anchor lyric and melody in the prophetic? How do we discern the difference between a good idea and a God idea?


No two writers are alike. Your process will look different to everyone else’s. When it comes to art, how do you be objective about something that is completely subjective? What if learning some fundamentals of the craft could actually help, not hinder your creativity? What if having more parameters actually gave you greater freedom in your songwriting?