Vania Levans is a pastor, teacher, musician, and spiritual director. She is a Faculty Associate at Regent College, and was their Worship and Music Coordinator from 2011-2014. She most recently served as a Neighbourhood Co-Pastor at Artisan Church, Vancouver, B.C. She earned her Master of Divinity at Regent in 2006 and her Bachelor of Church Music at Canadian Bible College in Regina, Saskatchewan. Vania is passionate about encouraging and nurturing sanctification—the life-long process of maturing in Christ, and sharing the good news of Christ with others.  She enjoys working with, and learning from people of other cultures, socio-economic statuses, and ages. One of the items of corporate worship she continues to study and teach is how to lead Christ-centered corporate worship so that it better reflects the diversity and beauty of the body of Christ.

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This seminar will begin with a focus on the Abrahamic blessing from Genesis 12, and will explore some of the practical ramifications of what it means for the people of God to be a blessing in the world.  It will discuss corporate worship, and explain that one of the primary aims of a worship service is to send the people of God out, empowered and equipped to join God in His work. It will end with a short teaching on benedictions (blessings often given at the end of a service), and then provide an opportunity for seminar participants to write a benediction after listening to a brief, 7-minute talk.