Worship Central Academy 


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The eight month program is divided into two parts: Biblical and Theological Studies on Worship (Tuesday evenings) and Practical Methodologies of Leading Worship (every third Saturday). Below is a brief overview of the program outline. Please find full course descriptions here.



I. Theology of Worship: Who is This God Who Seeks Worshippers?

a. The Triune God
b. The God Who Reveals God’s Self
c. Biblical Hymns & Poetry: Cover Songs from the Canon
d. The Holy Spirit: Our Worship Coordinator

II. Biblical Theology: How are We to Worship?

a. The Psalter: Songs to Live By
b. Where Heaven meets Earth: A Biblical Theology of the Temple
c. How Heavenly Worship Shapes Earthly Worship
d. The Life of Prayer: Secret Place Before the Stage

III. The Soul of the Worshipper

a. Who am I? How Knowing Our Identity Shapes Us as Disciples & Leaders
b. Spiritual Disciplines: Rhythms for Life with God
c. Spiritual Gifts: Discovering Your Instrument of Praise
d. Worship as Warfare: Bringing the People of God Under the Reign of God

Course work will include required readings, assignments, and an end-of-year research paper.


Local Churches (TBA)

Through a variety of interactive teaching, practical application and a hands-on approach, the Saturday sessions emphasize the methodological skill set involved in leading worship.

Students will be equipped with knowledge on leadership skills, service preparation, team discipleship, congregational leadership, spontaneity within structure, and more, and will be given opportunities to exercise these elements over the course of our program. Creative and technical components such as songwriting and the use of technology in the modern day church settings will also be explored.